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Do what makes you happy

Seek Happiness

The Cherry Sisters—19th-century Iowa farm girls—yearned to visit the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. So in what would later become the tradition of many a B-musical, they chimed: “Let’s put on a show!”

Effie, Addie, Ella, and Jessie came up with the idea of staging a vaudeville act to pay their way to the fair. Their inexperience, corny material, and all-around lack of talent didn’t bother the hometown friends and neighbors who gave them enthusiastic applause when they tried out their act. But road audiences expected entertainment for their two bits. So the Cherry Sisters grew accustomed to dodging rotting vegetables and raw eggs. Addie was even known to patrol the stage with a shotgun to keep audiences from running the girls out of town.

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Get your point across


In 1999, Nevada resident William Junge bought a personalized license plate after purchasing his SUV. So in 2006 when the 59-year-old tried to renew the plate, he couldn’t understand why the DMV denied his application. He’d had that plate seven years. What suddenly made hoe offensive? Well, a DMV employee suddenly found the word listed in an online slang dictionary as a variation of “ho” … not to be confused with tally-ho, Westward Ho, or Ho! Ho! Ho!

Okay … but what did that have to do with Junge?

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How to be a better leader


For me, working in corporate communications was a little like being the only sober person at a wild party. You learn a lot about what’s really going on behind people’s carefully scripted public personas when you sit on the sidelines watching them get falling-down drunk. And since I had no desire to climb the corporate ladder, my experience in Big Business was equally eye-opening. My long-term ambition was always to become a freelance writer. So with no personal stake in the game of jockeying for position, I was more or less free to sit back and watch the political maneuvering.


I'm Deborah, survivor of everything from multiple cancer battles to major business setbacks. Join my search for ways to move the mountains, big & small, that block your path to success.
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