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Free yourself from clinging guilt

Chacma Baboon Baby Clinging to it's Mother

The best thing that can happen to lesser candidates during an election is for the head of the ticket to have long coattails. When presidents take office by decisive numbers, senators and congressional representatives, state governors and legislators, even local officeholders from the same party can ride those coattails straight into office.

But for those of us just going about our daily routines, hangers-on can be a drag. We think we’ve tossed off the negatives in our lives, but they didn’t fall as far as we’d hoped. They’re right behind us, clinging desperately, and weighing us down as we try to achieve our goals of success, peace, and happiness.

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Quotes on the value of regret

Rehearsal Regret Overtaking High School Student John Rocray

It seems to be a favorite line that celebrities toss out in interviews: I live a life without regrets.

Really? Then you must be five years old or the most shallow person on Planet Earth. So you’ve never said or done anything that’s hurt someone else? Never failed to take advantage of an opportunity? Never fallen on your face. Never said yes when you should have said no? Never said no when you wish you’d said yes? Never missed a chance to say a last good-bye?

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