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Make sure your voice is heard

Jury Selection #1

Whether or not you agree with the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial, it’s not easy making life-and-death decisions that will forever be scrutinized and second-guessed by the public. The more infamous the case, the greater the responsibility—and the potential criticism.

As another defense attorney admonished the jury during summation in a long ago show trial, “you are the only bulwark that can resist oppression in a time of public excitement. Judges cannot do it. The fathers of this country put this power in the hands of the people.” If that burden weren’t enough, the attorney went on to assure jurors the accused was “the kind of man who never fails a friend. He was loved by his followers. Open-handed, generous, a man a bookmaker would trust with a ten-thousand-dollar bet.”

No mention of whether he wore a halo.

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How to hear your guru

The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds

Imagine you’re having a conversation with someone who has the golden touch. Every business venture this person has tried has been a triumph. And now this guru is willing to share with you the secret to sure-fire success. But instead of listening quietly to what the guru says, you keep interrupting and insisting that the ideas just won’t work.

“Oh, get real,” you say, “that would never happen.”

Don’t be so sure.

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3 big communication mistakes

Business Couple Walking Down Stairs Towards Each Other While Talking on Their Cell Phones

Recently I attended a big celebratory gathering of more than 100 friends. After everyone enjoyed a huge potluck lunch, we settled down for a DVD presentation. My dad was among those asked to say a few words, so while he was speaking I got up from my table and went to sit next to my mother. It was one of those sentimental occasions that drew a lot of laughter and a few tears from the crowd. And looking around at one point, I happened to notice my friends Sarah and Whitney standing with their arms around each other at the back of the room.

Of all the mothers and daughters I know, Sarah and Whitney are the duo that most remind me of the relationship I have with my own mom. Though Whitney is an independent woman carving out her own unique path in life (, she maintains a special closeness with her mom.

But relationships like Sarah and Whitney’s don’t just happen by magic or luck. They take a lot of work. Watching them through the years, I know Sarah directed much of her parenting effort the same way my mother did—toward effective communication. They approached parenting from different perspectives: My mother worked full-time outside the home while Sarah was a stay-at-home mom. Both also had many responsibilities on behalf of their extended families. But when their children needed to talk, they were there to listen.

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