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Free yourself from clinging guilt

Chacma Baboon Baby Clinging to it's Mother

The best thing that can happen to lesser candidates during an election is for the head of the ticket to have long coattails. When presidents take office by decisive numbers, senators and congressional representatives, state governors and legislators, even local officeholders from the same party can ride those coattails straight into office.

But for those of us just going about our daily routines, hangers-on can be a drag. We think we’ve tossed off the negatives in our lives, but they didn’t fall as far as we’d hoped. They’re right behind us, clinging desperately, and weighing us down as we try to achieve our goals of success, peace, and happiness.

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Forgiving your own mistakes


We’ve all had our Manny Alpert moments.

In 1978, Alpert was an ABC-TV cameraman covering a fund-raiser for the National Hemophilia Foundation in New York’s Manhattan Center ballroom. He was stationed in the balcony overlooking the ballroom floor where University of Pennsylvania student Bob Speca Jr. had spent nine days setting up a maze of 100,000 dominoes. Speca held the record for nonstop domino toppling at 50,000 and planned to break it for a worthy cause.

The crowd of press and onlookers hushed when eight-year-old hemophilia sufferer Michael Murphy stepped forward to topple the first domino. As the small rectangles began dropping, Alpert leaned forward for a better look … and his press pass slipped free. The card tumbled into the maze, setting off a second chain reaction that threatened to ruin the event. And there was nothing Alpert could do to stop it.

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How to say no in 4 easy steps

Member of the Land Police Post Holding Up a Stop Sign

In the musical Oklahoma! the character Ado Annie laments how she’s “just a girl who cain’t say no.” Of course, Ado Annie only has that problem with “fellers” who get flirty and talk “purty.” She may be a little scandalous for her time, but you get the feeling Ado Annie doesn’t really regret being one to “never make a complaint ’til it’s too late for restraint.”

Too bad that can’t be said of the rest of us.

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