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Quotes: On the bright side

Pollyanna, with Jane Wyman, Richard Egan, Karl Malden, Nancy Olson, and Hayley Mills, 1960

Recently I was debating someone about how to improve a decades-old process that simply doesn’t work. He believes flawed, inadequate procedures are the best we can do, and considers me naive for thinking otherwise.

Pollyanna,” he groused.

If he’d used the term appropriately, I’d have been flattered. The expression comes from the classic 1913 children’s novel by Eleanor H. Porter about a girl who manages to find something positive in the most negative circumstances. Thinking you should try to fix a flat tire instead of driving on doesn’t make you a Pollyanna—it means you have common sense. Thinking when your tire goes flat that you’re blessed to have a car makes you a Pollyanna.   Continue reading...


How to survive a rotten day


July 18, 1984. People walking along the street that Wednesday in Detroit were probably a little startled when it suddenly began raining … clothes … books … small kitchen appliances … furniture … a bicycle … a stove … a refrigerator.

For three hours, unemployed auto worker Nelson Jones dumped the contents of his 16th-floor apartment onto the street as crowds watched and a television crew captured the drama for the evening news. When it ended, police charged Jones with littering. As his niece later noted, “Everyone has their off days.”

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Quotes on gratitude

Person Holding Rock with the Word Blessings

We may tell ourselves and everyone around us that Hey, we are positive, upbeat people who always see the world through rose-colored glasses! But in our private moments we still sometimes throw our own little Pity Parties.

My Pity Parties don’t occur when there’s really something to be upset about. No, during real crises, I’m usually too busy working the problem to have time for a Pity Party. I throw my best celebrations of misery when there’s nothing tangible to upset me. I throw them over the small things, the minor inconveniences and everyday disappointments that plague everyone.

So once a Pity Party begins, how can you turn out the lights and put yourself back into a rose-colored frame of mind? Try counting your blessings.

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