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Creating a Christmas classic

Rudolph with Your Nose So Bright, at Tivoli Gardens, Denmark

After years of recession, we know all about cutting back and being frugal. Folks knew all about it during the Great Depression, too. Executives at Montgomery Ward weren’t worried about pinching pennies when the mail-order giant launched its first retail store in the mid-1920s. But by 1939, even the retail powerhouse had to cut costs during its annual Christmas promotion. So instead of buying coloring books, the company decided to create its own in-house giveaways.

Although 35-year-old Robert Lewis May was fortunate enough to be employed as a copywriter in Montgomery Ward’s advertising department, it still wasn’t the most wonderful time of year for him. His wife was battling a terminal illness. But since he enjoyed trying his hand at children’s stories, he appreciated the assignment to come up with a booklet to replace the coloring books. Perhaps his melancholy over his wife’s illness led him to think of his childhood as a small, shy boy often teased by others. Inspired by his memories, he created Rudolph, a red-nosed reindeer rejected by his classmates.

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Gifts from the heart

The Generous Heart

When you think back on the favorite gifts you’ve received in your life, chances are the most memorable aren’t the grandest or costliest, but the ones that came from the heart when you needed a lift. Maybe you remember the day you were recovering from surgery and a friend stopped by with a home-cooked meal or an offer to clean your house. Or perhaps you remember how you were taking the bus to work every day when someone offered you the keys to an old clunker of a used car. Then again, maybe the best gift was just a hug on a day when the world seemed too dark and too lonely.

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How to be a better leader


For me, working in corporate communications was a little like being the only sober person at a wild party. You learn a lot about what’s really going on behind people’s carefully scripted public personas when you sit on the sidelines watching them get falling-down drunk. And since I had no desire to climb the corporate ladder, my experience in Big Business was equally eye-opening. My long-term ambition was always to become a freelance writer. So with no personal stake in the game of jockeying for position, I was more or less free to sit back and watch the political maneuvering.


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