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Do what makes you happy

Seek Happiness

The Cherry Sisters—19th-century Iowa farm girls—yearned to visit the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. So in what would later become the tradition of many a B-musical, they chimed: “Let’s put on a show!”

Effie, Addie, Ella, and Jessie came up with the idea of staging a vaudeville act to pay their way to the fair. Their inexperience, corny material, and all-around lack of talent didn’t bother the hometown friends and neighbors who gave them enthusiastic applause when they tried out their act. But road audiences expected entertainment for their two bits. So the Cherry Sisters grew accustomed to dodging rotting vegetables and raw eggs. Addie was even known to patrol the stage with a shotgun to keep audiences from running the girls out of town.

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Believe in yourself … regardless

Chicago Bulls

You sorta know when a guy nicknamed “Stinky” does you a favor … well, to wind up with roses, you might have to start with manure.

Johnny “Red” Kerr wanted to be coach basketball. And he had pretty good credentials for the job. During three years at the University of Illinois, he’d scored 1,299 points to help the Fighting Illini win a Big 10 Championship. As a pro rookie, he’d helped the Syracuse Nationals win an NBA Championship. And as vice president of the ABA’s Virginia Squires, he’d demonstrated an eye for judging talent by taking a chance on then-unknown Julius Erving.

But as writer Marty Farmer recounted on the Chicago Bulls Web site, what Red really needed to make his career grow was a lot of support—and a little manure—from his old pal Stinky Fryer.

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Get your point across


In 1999, Nevada resident William Junge bought a personalized license plate after purchasing his SUV. So in 2006 when the 59-year-old tried to renew the plate, he couldn’t understand why the DMV denied his application. He’d had that plate seven years. What suddenly made hoe offensive? Well, a DMV employee suddenly found the word listed in an online slang dictionary as a variation of “ho” … not to be confused with tally-ho, Westward Ho, or Ho! Ho! Ho!

Okay … but what did that have to do with Junge?

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Deciding your own fate

Thoroughbreds, Stone Farm, KY

My sister-in-law once told me she likes her anger because it makes her more productive. I knew exactly what she meant. My biggest achievements in life have come after someone told me I’d never make it and I got hoppin’ mad. “Really? Watch me.

Though my last name is Roberts, I don’t know of any relation to famed horse whisperer Monty Roberts. But when it comes to our reactions to naysayers, his mother and I are kindred spirits. In his autobiography, The Man Who Listens to Horses, Roberts shared the first time he voiced his life dreams.

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Shut down your inner naysayer


As someone who’d been self-employed since his mid-twenties, my dad understood the ups and downs of being your own boss. He knew the worries of watching your business dip with a downturned economy. He knew the responsibility of providing for your own retirement because there would be no company plan. He knew the fear of losing everything when a cancer diagnosis prompted your health insurer to cancel your policy though you’d never been late with a premium. He didn’t want his children to face similar stresses.

So when his son announced he was leaving a secure management job with a major retail chain so he could gamble on law school, Daddy was not happy. Some parents may dream of their children becoming doctors or lawyers. My dad dreamed of company pensions.

To drive home the point that my brother should rethink his choice, Daddy scoured the newspapers and presented him with articles about failing attorneys. Yep, believe it or not, if you look hard enough, you can find articles about starving lawyers.

My brother was confident in his decision, shrugged off my dad’s concerns, and is now a successful partner in his own law firm. My dad couldn’t be prouder. And the major retail chain where my brother had his “secure” management job? It went belly-up before he finished law school.

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Are you the enemy?


British agent James Bond lies strapped to a table as master criminal Goldfinger’s laser beam slowly inches forward, threatening to slice him in half lengthwise. “Do you expect me to talk?” Bond asks. Goldfinger laughs. “No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.”

Every James Bond fan knows the classic scene from 1964’s Goldfinger, the film named for one of 007’s most memorable nemeses. But though the rest of us aren’t secret agents caught up in international intrigue, we still have to contend with an enemy who is just as ruthless as Bond’s gold-obsessed adversary. And unfortunately, our enemy can’t be dispatched in the time it takes to play out a movie script.

That’s because the enemy is us.

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Survival tips from “I Love Lucy”

I Love Lucy - TV History

Sometimes it’s just not your day. That’s how I felt a while back when I was overseas and learned my flight to the States was delayed. Yes, the desk agent told me, you will miss your connection. No, he said, there’s not another flight out of JFK tonight. Yes, there’s a flight out of La Guardia. Well, I suppose you could take a taxi. You’ll have about half an hour to clear customs, get across town, and make your flight. No, that’s not a lot of time, but … excuse me? You want a what??

A helicopter. After being stranded thanks to other delayed flights with this carrier, I thought it only fair that this time the airline should comp me a helicopter to La Guardia. And I wanted transportation from customs to the helicopter pad at JFK and then from the helicopter pad to the gate at La Guardia. It took a lot of polite persistent persuasion, but the airline finally granted the requests. Not bad maneuvering for a nearly broke recent college grad. But, hey, I was just channeling Lucy Ricardo.

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