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Quotes: Do unto others …

Pres. Lyndon Johnson During Visit to Vietnam, November 4, 1966

When you’re coping with difficult problems, it’s easy to slip into self-absorption. We become so caught up in our troubles that they become the center of our universe. And if we’re not careful, we can start behaving like we should be the center of everyone else’s universe, too.

Few people juggle more problems at one time than the leader of the free world. After taking over the presidency in the worst possible circumstances—the murder of his predecessor in 1963—Lyndon Baines Johnson was managing an escalating war in Vietnam, anti-war protests at home, civil rights battles in the South, the introduction of Medicare, urban riots, the space race, and crises in the Middle East.

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Donate old toys

Roland Rat: The Unusual Suspects

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring … except the parents trying to figure out where they’d store the new batch of toys Santa, the grandparents, and the rest of the relatives would be delivering for the children all snug in their beds.

Here’s one way to solve the dilemma and spread the Christmas spirit at the same time …

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4 ways to make a difference

Do All The Good You Can

When my niece turned six this year, she came up with a somewhat unusual idea for the theme of her birthday party—well, at least it was unusual for someone her age. She decided that instead of the typical celebration where guests come bearing gifts for the birthday girl, she wanted them to bring donations for the local soup kitchen where her parents volunteer.

Her mom and dad matched what she collected from her friends, and she was able to present the charity, which serves the area’s homeless, with a check for $250.21.

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