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Deciding what matters most

Man's Hand Holding Baby's Hand

Recently I settled in to watch a DVD of my favorite reality cooking series. In an early episode, one of the contestants, already a successful chef, confided to the cameras that he’d decided to appear on the program to show his children he’d done something with his life.

His honest confession made me a little sad.

The idea that you have to appear on television—gain some measure of fame and public recognition—to validate your life explains everything from reality TV to … well … blogging. But it’s a flawed perspective.

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Gifts from the heart

The Generous Heart

When you think back on the favorite gifts you’ve received in your life, chances are the most memorable aren’t the grandest or costliest, but the ones that came from the heart when you needed a lift. Maybe you remember the day you were recovering from surgery and a friend stopped by with a home-cooked meal or an offer to clean your house. Or perhaps you remember how you were taking the bus to work every day when someone offered you the keys to an old clunker of a used car. Then again, maybe the best gift was just a hug on a day when the world seemed too dark and too lonely.

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4 ways to make a difference

Do All The Good You Can

When my niece turned six this year, she came up with a somewhat unusual idea for the theme of her birthday party—well, at least it was unusual for someone her age. She decided that instead of the typical celebration where guests come bearing gifts for the birthday girl, she wanted them to bring donations for the local soup kitchen where her parents volunteer.

Her mom and dad matched what she collected from her friends, and she was able to present the charity, which serves the area’s homeless, with a check for $250.21.

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Make an unforgettable impression

Words to Live by: Kindness

Twenty-four/seven media and the desperate need to fill airtime have spawned a new type of celebrity: people who are famous just for being famous. These pseudo-stars don’t have any discernible talent other than the ability to get attention, usually for being obnoxious. They never seem to think beyond how much play they can get for the next sound bite—which was evident when the Today show’s Al Roker asked one hot “reality” couple if they were proud of the embarrassing behavior that brought them notoriety. They didn’t seem to understand the question.

Despite evidence to the contrary, though, it is possible to touch lives in a positive way, to be remembered for something other than acting like a jerk. Ernie Harris was a perfect example.

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