I'm Deborah, survivor of everything from multiple cancer battles to major business setbacks. Join my search for ways to move the mountains, big & small, that block your path to success.

About me

DeborahMy name is Deborah S. Roberts, and since I write the articles on I’d love to tell you the secrets of health, wealth, and navigating life come naturally to me.

 They don’t.

On the health front, after 29 surgeries and three cancer battles, my body resembles an Amtrak route map. I’ve had to fight for my survival—but I’m still here, so I must be doing something right. As for wealth, I was my happiest when I could carry all my worldly goods in an old blue duffle bag, so winning the lottery doesn’t top my bucket list. That leaves navigating life, and though doing it well doesn’t necessarily come naturally, at least I’m a pro at doing the research. I have so many self-help books lying around I’ve always hoped anyone burglarizing my place would take pity on a person that screwed up and just leave. And after 10 years writing and editing motivational publications for managers, I have plenty of practice writing to encourage others—and keep hoping some of that wisdom will rub off on me.

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