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Atlantic Puffin Appears to Imitate a Decoy by Standing on One Leg, on Eastern Egg Rock, Maine

Oooh, I just lost my temper. Some days that’s easy to do. I’ve been struggling with a pounding migraine, plus the accompanying nausea and sensitivity to light and sound, so my tolerance tank is running low.

Even on a good day, it’s tough to remain calm when those around you are being quarrelsome. As they grow increasingly argumentative, you feel yourself tensing. You can’t help wanting to fire back with some snarky answer or blow them off with blue language. The problem is that no matter how much you were provoked, your response won’t reflect on those who lit your fuse. It will reflect on you. And losing your temper, especially in a workplace setting, can escalate a conflict and damage your credibility.

So how can you appear to maintain your composure while de-escalating emotions? Try this trick: If your nemesis leans forward, you lean back. If your adversary speaks up, lower your voice. If the person starts gesturing wildly, keep your hands still. With luck, your seeming calm detachment will inspire your opponent to tone it down. But either way, you’ll appear cool and controlled.

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