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3 reasons you fail

A Man Pretends to Push a Huge Boulder into the Canyon

As you get ready to embark on a new year of mountain-moving, maybe this would be a good time to think about the successes and failures of the passing year. If it seems you’re still facing the same towering peak you were staring at this time last December and haven’t made much of a dent the past 12 months, maybe you should ask yourself a few questions:

Do I really want to move this mountain?

Is moving this mountain in my best interest?

Is it within my power to move this mountain? Is the choice mine and mine alone?

If you answered yes to those three questions, then no outside force has stopped you. That means the obstacle to your progress is somewhere within. So let’s try an exercise:

• Consider how you benefit from an unmoved mountain. Let’s face it. Something about the position of this mountain comforts you. If it didn’t—and it’s solely within your power to move it—you would have. Take out a pen and paper, or sit down in front of the keyboard, and start free-journaling how you really feel about this issue. Don’t try to edit yourself or imagine what anyone else would say. Just let your feelings spill onto the page or screen. Try to discover the real reason you’re clinging to the status quo.

• Consider what you have to gain from pushing forward. Now think about why you wanted to move this mountain in the first place. What was your original goal? What positive things will happen when you achieve that goal? How do you think you will feel when you arrive at your destination? If you’ve been pushing against the same obstacles for a long time, you might have gotten so caught up in the struggle that you’ve lost sight of the potential reward. Try to bring the prize back into focus.

• Consider the emotions sapping your strength. It takes energy to move mountains, to overcome obstacles, and to achieve dreams. But fear and anxiety syphon away the energy you need for the hard work ahead. If your fears seem to be getting the better of you, try to get a grip on yourself by enumerating your past successes. Or talk out your anxieties with a supportive friend or loved one. Or journal about your fears and try countering them with rational arguments. And remember: The best way to silence fear is to prove it wrong.

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